How Does it Work?

Opti-Script’s flexible dictation options allow providers to choose their preferred method of entering notes into the patient’s electronic health record.

This is accomplished in one of three ways:

• Through traditional dictation

• Through “front-end” speech recognition software, which allows the provider to enter notes directly into the patient’s medical record

• Through traditional dictation that is backed by a “back-end” speech recognition system that attempts to “learn” the provider’s dictation patterns over time

How Opti-Script/TranScriptRX Works

Traditional Dictation

If a provider chooses traditional dictation, an Opti-Script Healthcare Documentation Specialist transcribes the provider’s voice notes and enters them directly into the patient’s EHR.  This is accomplished using a secure VPN connection that allows our U.S.-based, trained, professional HDS to work directly in your EHR system, on your secure servers.

Front-End Speech Recognition

When a provider uses front-end speech recognition, he or she speaks directly into the patient’s medical record. However, what the provider says – and what the software interprets – can be very different, leading to errors in the patient’s record.  These errors may sometimes seem funny; however, many are also unsafe and potentially fatal. With patients having greater access to their own records in today’s world, even insignificant errors undermine patients' confidence in their healthcare providers.

TranScriptRx works through a secure VPN connection with your EHR system, allowing Opti-Script’s trained, professional healthcare documentation specialists to review both the computer-generated interpretation of the provider’s voice notes as well as the provider’s original voice file to verify patients’ records. Though this direct comparison between what the provider said, and what the system interpreted, Opti-Script identifies, intercepts, and corrects “Speech Wrecksin the patient’s record, before another provider makes potentially dangerous healthcare decisions based upon the erroneous information and before the inaccurate information is submitted during the reimbursement process. Opti-Script’s specialists also understand required coding nomenclature, facilitating validation and inclusion of key elements necessary for coding and billing.

Quality Audits

Through TranScriptRx, Opti-Script also performs Quality Audits of electronic health records, including the records of healthcare organizations that use a back-end speech recognition platform. Opti-Script can perform random, periodic, or scheduled audits of your EHR system -- as a whole or by provider -- to gauge the accuracy of your electronic health records.

Opti-Script Stores NO Protected Health Information

Opti-Script does not migrate or store protected health information. All information remains securely in your EHR system.

All Opti-Script staff are based in the US and receive mandatory, annual HIPAA and HITECH training and undergo criminal background checks before hire. Opti-Script uses no independent contractors; all staff are employed directly by Opti-Script.

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