Opti-Script is so user friendly for our office transcription. The customer service goes above and beyond to accommodate the needs of our office. We are very happy with the service we receive and look forward to working together for many more years.

Beth McKillop
Office Team Leader
ACMH Physician Services

When our hospital decided to move ahead with 100% outsourcing of all the dictated reports, Opti-Script was wonderful. They assisted in meeting with the staff to explain the re-badging process and tried to alleviate the stress that the staff was feeling. They explained in detail what would happen- including benefits, equipment, ability to work remotely etc.. Some of those transcriptionists have flourished and have been offered opportunities for advancement. Opti-Script has always provided timely and quality services and have addressed any of our concerns or issues. 

Karen Tinney, RHIA
Director, Medical Record Services
Wellspan Health

The staff at Opti-Script have all been courteous, professional and willing to take care of any issues or problems immediately. It is a pleasure working with them.

Ginger L. Neece
Supervisor, Cardiology
SHS Heart & Vascular Institute

Thank you so much. You are an awesome team to work with. This transcription business just never is an exact science. Each day throws us something new! Thank you for understanding.
Tiffany Fort
HIM Operations Manager
Alamance Regional Medical Center

I am delighted, and I know that your team will come through for them. It is a pleasure working with such a professional team!
Ginny Lucarelli
Health Information/Medical Transcription Manager
Pinnacle Health

"If this is Vicki doing my transcription, I just want to say thank you, because every time I look at my notes, the accuracy is 100%, and it is always on time, and they are very quickly done, and I am not sure who is listening to this, but I just want to say thank you for doing such a good job.

Dr. Oaks

Alamance Regional Cancer Center

I just heard a great endorsement from Dr. Pandit after his fifth note, I believe. It is 1:30, and he has almost finished his notes from this morning. That is a great achievement. Congratulations and thank you!!! I am so happy to hear these reports. We have struggled with our notes since moving to this EMR. It is refreshing to have this experience.
Brendan Fitzpatrick, MBA

Executive Director

Alamance Regional Cancer Center

Thank you for your feedback and for the very positive way in which you introduced the opportunities with Opti-Script in such a positive manner. We were pleased with the climate of the meeting as it progressed and the staff was able to have some of their very specific questions addressed.

Beth A. Patton, SPHR
Director of Human Resources
OSS Health

I fully appreciate the commitment to finding an answer that Opti-Script has given to OSS. I know this process has been a challenge for Opti-Script, as we have complex and unique issues. Opti-Script is an extension of OSS Health and ensures quality care of each of our patients!

Mike Enriquez

Chief Operating Officer

OSS Health

Opti-Script has a very fast turnaround time from dictation to transcription. The whole process is very smooth and the system is very user friendly. The staff with Opti-Script is extremely helpful and friendly and always do their best to resolve any concerns that we may have.

Linda McCollough
Operations Manager
ACMH Physicians Services

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