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Opti-Script works with the client and the client's IT team and technology vendor to develop customized solutions designed to meet specific EHR documentation and workflow needs. Looking for our Legal, Government and Business Services? You’ll find them here.

Every patient has a story, and his/her EHR should accurately, and comprehensively, reflect that story. Opti-Script works with its clients to ensure that EHR technology and workflow do not inadvertently, and incorrectly, change the patient's story.

Acute Care and Ambulatory Services

Opti-Script serves providers of acute care and ambulatory services, with turnaround times specified by each client. The Opti-Script team is able to perform work using the client’s existing transcription platform or EMR system, or the client can utilize Opti-Script technology, if preferred.

The new TranScript-Rx service line, created to meet needs of providers in document completion, allows clients and providers to write their own prescriptions for optimal workflow. For more details about TranScriptRx, please click here.


Opti-Script offers flexible dictation options for physicians, including a toll-free telephone service available 24/7, use of portable dictation devices, including smart phones, and digital job-transfer solutions.


Transcription options include traditional transcription, speech recognition, and qualified text (use of templates) across multiple platforms to include Emdat, Dictaphone, and ChartScript. Our professional transcriptionists/editors are also able to work in any client-provided platform.

Speech Editing

Maintaining physician productivity and improving medical report quality — all while decreasing costs — is the goal of speech understanding technology. This technology captures dictation and converts it into structured and encoded text. It requires no change in physician behavior but improves production time, reducing per-line costs.

Qualified Text

Qualified Text (prefilled lines) with separate invoicing rates for each modality utilized, or a blended rate based on percentage of each technology employed.

Robust Document Delivery, Including Auto-Fax and Electronic Signature

Use of auto-fax streamlines client workflow. Completed documents can be viewed, edited, electronically signed, printed, routed, and auto-faxed online, 24/7.  All options are compliant with Meaningful Use guidelines and HIPAA regulations.

Assistance with Cost Analysis and Employee Re-Badging

The Opti-Script Management Team assists clients with cost analysis for hospital transcription and, if desired, partners with a hospital’s health information management staff to re-badge (onboard) hospital transcription employees so that they become employees of Opti-Script. This not only offers cost savings for providers but also affords increased professional opportunities for transcription staff members.  

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