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I fully appreciate the commitment to finding an answer that Opti-Script has given to OSS.  I know this process has been a strain on Opti, as I knew going in we would have complex and unique issues.  I want [Opti-Script] to know that OSS is not trying to take advantage of the flexibility and commitment you have provided us. Opti-Script is an extension of OSS Health and ensuring quality care of each of our patients!


Mike Enriquez, Chief Operating Officer

Orthopaedic Spine Specialists (OSS Health)

Case Studies


From five locations in York, Cumberland, and Adams Counties in Pennsylvania, including OSS Orthopaedic Hospital (a freestanding hospital dedicated exclusively to orthopaedic surgery that involves an overnight stay), OSS Health provides services to approximately 2500 patients per week.

The staff comprises more than 25 board-certified physicians with specialized training in orthopaedic-related modalities including:

  • Foot and ankle, hand and upper extremity, knee, hip, shoulder and elbow, spine, and podiatric surgery
  • Sports medicine
  • Rheumatology
  • Pediatric orthopaedics
  • Pain management
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • Concussion
  • Worker’s compensation

OSS Health is an integrated, provider-based health system that encompasses OSS Orthopaedic Hospital and all of the health system’s associated orthopaedic and spine services. Open seven days a week to provide urgent care to patients with orthopaedic and spine-care needs, OSS Health cares for patients from the time of their initial injuries throughout their treatment and recovery. OSS Health physicians own and operate the organization and are involved in all aspects of patient care.

OSS Orthopaedic Hospital is consistently recognized among the best orthopaedic hospitals in America and recently also was voted the “Best of York County” for specialized medical services.  Consumer Reports gave the hospital a “better” rating for surgical safety, the highest rating the organization bestows for this category and one that only six other hospitals in Pennsylvania received.

In 2014, Healthgrades, which measures and reports hospital quality data, gave the hospital Five-Star ratings in three categories, including spine, total hip replacement, and total knee replacement surgeries. In 2013 and 2014, OSS Orthopaedic Hospital also received Healthgrades’ Outstanding Patient Experience Award.

The Challenge

Despite its high rate of success in achieving positive outcomes for patients, as well as its local and national recognition as a top-quality healthcare provider, OSS Health had a highly fragmented and inefficient medical records process that required a streamlined – yet flexible – solution that could be applied system wide.

Inefficiencies in the provider’s existing workflow process had resulted in a three-week backlog of records processing. As a result, the quality of patient care was being threatened by the slow turnaround of patient records as well as a lack of consistent report formatting. Coding and billing were negatively affected as well, leading to rising costs and missed opportunities for reimbursement.

The Solution

In 2013, OSS Health selected Opti-Script, Inc., as its medical-documentation services partner. Opti-Script’s team met with OSS Health’s physician practice managers to conduct a comprehensive audit and analysis of the health system’s existing EHR workflow and to offer recommendations for an immediate, long-range solution that would provide needed consistency and efficiencies, without eliminating flexibility for physicians.

“We worked with OSS to identify exactly what their current workflow processes were and then applied best practices to what we found,” said Billy Allred, Opti-Script’s Director of Information Technology and Business Development. “We provided recommendations for how OSS could improve their system, while still allowing physicians to remain the key decision-makers as to how they choose to input data into their patients’ medical records.”

Opti-Script proposed solutions that would:
  • Streamline the health system’s EHR workflow and reduce redundancies
  • Enhance productivity for physicians as well as clerical staff
  • Shorten EHR turnaround times
  • Standardize report formatting
  • Accommodate both traditional dictation methods and front-end speech recognition software for physicians entering information into patients’ medical records
  • Dramatically lower transcription costs through the “re-badging” of OSS Health’s medical documentation specialists as Opti-Script employees
  • Improve coding and invoicing, leading to optimized billing and increased reimbursement for OSS Health
Toward this end, Opti-Script also:
  • Developed a detailed project plan with specific timelines and milestones for implementation and advancement through the “go-live” and “ramp-up” periods
  • Created an interface between OSS Health and its chosen technology vendor, Medent, that was designed to improve the health system’s line-counting ability, ensuring proper invoicing and access to data analytics
  • Developed a process for performing ongoing quality audits of OSS Health’s EHRs, by physician or department
  • Implemented a weekly call with OSS Health’s coding specialists to ensure that records contain all relevant information for coding and billing


Opti-Script eradicated a three-week backlog of work within the first 30 days following the project’s “Go Live” date.

Other significant results of Opti-Script’s involvement with OSS Health included:
  • Increased patient safety
  • Higher quality documentation
  • Decreased payroll and benefit costs
  • Decreased cost per patient encounter
  • Improved turnaround times for EHRs
  • Improved workflow and internal reporting processes
  • Improved technology, with the ability to delineate costs by provider and department
  • Increased efficiency for providers and improved completion of reports, as physicians are able to choose their preferred method of entering notes in the EHR
  • Improved accuracy of records – with processes in place to ensure that all relevant information is included in the EHR – for the benefit of patient safety and continuity of care as well as coding and billing
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