Is Dragon Good for Patients? or Doctors?


Healthcare industry insiders are reporting that the increase in physicians using speech recognition technology like Dragon is expected to skyrocket in the next 2-3 years. In fact, several of the larger medical transcription companies which also sell their own speech technology are rolling back their transcription services and expect to no longer offer those services in a few years. While that may be good for their margins, is it good for patients? Have medical documentation errors been reduced as the mighty Dragon has risen from the primordial ooze and grown large and strong? That answer is a resounding no.  Have medical costs dropped as a result of physicians acting as their own secretaries, completing notes themselves with speech recognition?  Are doctors happier and more productive with this arrangement? Our friend, Jay Vance, recently produced a hit single (at least among our employees) which perfectly echoes what we hear from providers wrestling with Dragon every day.



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