Another Proactive Step with EHR Vendors and TranscriptRx

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On a recent encounter with a new TranScriptRX client, it was learned a particular EHR vendor went to the CEO of a prominent acute care facility and protested their HIM Director was behind the times and needed to be reprimanded or replaced as she had requested an interface from their transcription platform directly to the EHR (they were still doing the copy/paste routine to get the data in the right spot).  So the CEO scheduled a meeting with the EHR vendor, the HIM Director, and himself.

At the meeting the HIM Director, knowing the EHR vendor’s wife was a practicing physician, brought a printed 10-page initial evaluation with patient identifiers removed.  She laid it on the table asked him to take it home to his wife and ask her to sit down and type it and get her response. Today the EHR vendor is building the necessary (and mandated) interface.  The end result now provides the client and the EHR vendor with the most optimum solution absent of traditional transcription expenses while impacting patient safety and improved reporting and regulatory compliance.

Now that’s a good day for all! 

Founded in 1995, the Opti-Script TranScriptRx team is comprised of credentialed document management specialists who understand clinical workflows and possess EHR integration skills to improve productivity, impact patient safety, and enhance patient outcomes.  The TranScriptRx solution has proven to reduce the patient encounter by as much as 50%, dramatically improving reimbursement intervals and delivering ICD-10 compliant data-flow all within the EHR platform.
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