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Understanding our country’s healthcare challenges is critical—not just as an associate or owner of a healthcare documentation company, but as a consumer (aka patient) of healthcare services. Even potentially in exceptionally good health currently, we may have elderly parents or family members who need our advocacy because we “get it”.

In our country’s mad rush for full EHR implementation and meaningful use, I’ve thought many times about the forgotten patient.  Because, you see, I’ve been that patient a few times, and it’s a disconcerting feeling: struggling desperately for the attention of someone in healthcare who embodies the second half of the word—CARE!

Will reading this story change anything about healthcare? Probably not. Will it solve the challenges we face as healthcare organizations demand providers take on new roles and responsibilities? Probably not. But will reading this remind you of what’s really important in healthcare—THE PATIENT! I sincerely hope so.


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