EHR Data Entry Consumes 50% of Physician's Time

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It comes as no surprise to anyone in healthcare that dissatisfaction with workflow changes and time commitments resulting from EHR implementation is a major source of stress.   Statistical data supporting that stress was recently conducted by the University of Wisconsin and the American Medical Association, revealing that primary care providers spend greater than 50% of their workday on EHR documentation.  
The study found, “Ultimately, researchers determined through direct observation that clinicians spent approximately 5.9 hours of an 11.4-hour workday on EHR data entry — 4.5 of these hours taking place during clinical hours and about 1.5 occurring during off-hours.” 

Is it any wonder patients are frustrated with rushed providers who are more connected to their laptop than listening to their patient’s medical concerns, and providers are increasingly burned-out and expressing that burnout to colleagues, families and friends, and yes, even to the patients they serve. 

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