Do We Patients Want Our Doctors Clicking Or Listening?

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I want my doctor listening, examining, and explaining—NOT CLICKING!  On a doctor visit last year, my son in complete frustration said, “Can you please stop typing and listen to what my mom is saying?”  This gracious request was made after repeating the same question without acknowledgement (or retention) of the answer.  Such a waste of the patient’s and doctor’s time!  Incomplete listening leads to incomplete understanding, and, in turn, incomplete or inaccurate diagnosis and treatment.  Patient satisfaction and, ultimately, confidence in the provider’s decision is eroded.  Doesn’t it make good sense to allow our doctors to do what they are skilled to do:  Diagnose, educate, and treat!  That’s the exact reason we entrust our care to them!

Opti-Script has an exceptional solution to allow providers to do what they do best—and leave the documentation to those trained and well-skilled in that!  LET DOCTORS BE DOCTORS; LET OTHERS DO THE REST!
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