Costs are up, Quality is Down, but There is Still Hope


For The Record always has excellent content, but The Human Touch article in the July issue is especially informative, though not entirely surprising.  Findings affirm what we as experienced healthcare documentation specialists already know—documentation without the benefit of quality assurance as part of the workflow results in a much greater number of critical and major errors. 

The 2014 study by the International Journal of Healthcare Quality Assurance revealed roughly a 30% error rate (315,000 errors in 1 million records reviewed).  Those statistics are scary, especially if you’re the patient!  Thanks to Dr. Gary David and his team at Bentley University for continuing to inform our industry, though journals are hesitant to publish these findings.  

Also of interest was the comparison of relative cost of physician-entered data versus data transcribed/edited by healthcare documentation specialists:  $70/hour compared to $16/hour!  Alarming when one realizes our most educated, highest paid, most critical professionals are spending so much time completing their own documentation.  No wonder physician morale is suffering!  

This research has the potential to "wake-up" industry decision makers to rethink their assumptions about quality and workflow.  Let's hope it does!  Check out the article in its entirety at:

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