About Us

Opti-Script knows your ability to deliver quality healthcare and receive timely reimbursement depends on accurate documentation of the patient story. We know firsthand that quality is much more than a score—it's the bedrock of our business. That's why partnering with our clients to ensure accurate and timely completion of the patient’s record is what we do best.

Opti-Script is known for excellence in meeting customers' medical transcription needs on time and on budget. With active membership and participation in HIMSS, AHIMA, and AHDI, Opti-Script management is committed to the future of the health information technology industry. Our new TranScriptRx service allows us to work directly IN the patient's electronic health record, bypassing the need for traditional transcription platforms. With TranScriptRx, you can write your own prescription for optimal workflow, whether your physicians dictate traditionally or use front-end speech recognition, or whether your company is just looking to audit your existing EHR process. Additionally, Opti-Script supports Emdat, ScriptWire, Nuance, 3M, Dell and Cisco technologies.

Every Opti-Script employee is just that, an employee of our company. We never use contractors. And every Opti-Script employee is US-based.

After years of successfully serving the medical community with transcription for electronic health records, Opti-Script has expanded its service offerings to include legal, government and business transcription. Learn more about our LegalScript services.

Core Values

Customer Service

— Dedicated account manager with guaranteed TAT compliance


– Auditable invoicing

Quality Documentation/Risk Management

—Emphasis on reduction and elimination of critical errors with adherence to QA Best Practices (AHIMA/CDIA/AHDI)


—Highly credentialed workforce (CMT), including all members of transcription management and QA


— Partnership with clients to ensure accurate delivery of healthcare documents on time and on budget

Our Leadership 

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Leadership Team   


Opti-Script, Inc., was founded in 1995 in State College, PA, by a private equity group specializing in telecommunication services. Although initially focused on physician practices and small clinics, the company grew through an acquisition in Pittsburgh in 1998. Purchase and deployment of a Dictaphone ExText system in 1999 allowed for creation of a data center in State College.

Significant growth occurred in 2005, when Opti-Script joined the Dictaphone iChart Preferred Service Provider (PSP) network and migrated customers to the iChart Data Center for greater scalability and fault tolerance. 

Diverse technology options across healthcare facilities led the Opti-Script team to gain experience in DVI, Dolby, Nuance, and ChartScript. In 2011, Opti-Script partnered with Emdat for cost savings and robust document delivery, resulting in competitive pricing and improved client options, plus EMR interface and electronic signature capabilities.

Since 2005, Opti-Script has gained experience with multiple platforms and technology—always the technology of the client's choosing, and we continue to grow and expand our capabilities to meet the changing technology needs of our industry.

In 2018, OptiScript also began providing transcription services for legal proceedings, government meetings and business applications.

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