• The Safer, Better Approach to Electronic Health Records

    Improved patient safety and satisfaction
    Allows doctors to be doctors
    Decreases liability for providers
    Case Study
  • Legal, Government and Business Transcription

    Secure, accurate transcription for court hearings/trials, depositions, meeting/conference recordings, interviews, news briefings and more

See how TranScriptRx can help eliminate speech-recognition errors in your patient records.

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Improves Patient Safety

  • Experienced, US-based, healthcare documentation specialists
  • Direct entry into the patient's EHR
  • Verification of physician instructions through data and voice files
  • Highest percentage of credentialed employees in the industry!

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Doctors Are Free to Be Doctors

  • Allows physicians to focus their time and attention on patients, not computers, during visits
  • Provides flexibility for clinicians (voice recognition or traditional dictation) for workflow efficiency and effectiveness
  • Our expert staff provides quality review and oversight to ensure accuracy and completeness

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Reduces Provider Liability

  • Accurate, verified patient records lessen the chance for patient claims
  • Single source of responsibility for EHRs -- Opti-Script
  • Our trained, experienced staff provides another layer of oversight and protection
  • All of our staff members are US-based and are employed by Opti-Script (we do not use off-shore employees or independent contractors)
  • Opti-Script stores and transmits NO patient information -- all data remain in your system, on your servers

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Increases Patient Satisfaction

  • Patients benefit from effective interaction with providers during visits (doctors aren't focused on computers)
  • Patients see improved accuracy in their medical record
  • Fast turnaround of patient documents (24 hours or less), based on provider needs
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Quality Saves Money

  • Fast, accurate, verified records
  • Correct, comprehensive documentation ensures proper billing and optimal payment for providers

Privacy and Security (Beyond HIPAA)

  • Opti-Script stores NO protected health information!
  • All data stored in the EHR itself, in your system, on your servers
  • Mandatory, annual HIPAA/HITECH training for all employees
  • Mandatory criminal background check pre-hire

Business Analytics (Opti-Script Exclusive!)

  • Provides detailed data and analysis regarding cost and time, by method, by physician
  • Empowers providers to make wise decisions for their practice and clinicians, maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness


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Proven Track Record

OSS Case Study

Despite its high rate of success in achieving positive outcomes for patients, as well as its local and national recognition as a top-quality healthcare provider, OSS Health had a highly fragmented and inefficient medical records process that required a streamlined -- yet flexible -- solution that could be applied system wide.

Case Studies
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